Things to Know about Snake

So you have joined Snake or you are looking at getting into our gym? You are a bloody legend!!

We constantly hear that being fit is a requirement or “I should do some running before I come in”……??? That is not true, we are the place that gets you fit and healthier whilst having a whole bunch of fun in the meantime.

CrossFit is for anyone and everyone, we are a community which offers a range of classes to suit any individual. So let’s bring you up to speed with our process and some stuff you may hear or things you may see at Snake Athletic:


Sign in process

QR tags are provided to paying members for scan in. Guests can scan in via QR code as per NSW government regulations.


What to bring

Water, towel, chalk and training bag can be brought by trainers. Water and chalk can also be purchased at reception.

Toilets & showers

We have both on-site, at the end of running track.

Your belongings

Can be kept with you in training bay

Booking a class

Our classes are all booked and purchased online under the classes tab.

Removing a class

Can be removed online also with a lockout time of 2 hours before class.


Cannot make a class

Please remove yourself from a class within the 2 hour lockout phase, if urgent or late please contact our reception desk via email.

No show

If you do not make your class, a $10 no show fee will occur due to us having limited class numbers


Class descriptions

Can be found within each class online, this will brief you on what to expect


Class etiquette

Please be on time, listen to brief, ask questions and notify of any injury concerns.


We have a 15 minute cleaning period after each class, all equipment touched by you needs to be cleaned. Please DO NOT spray computer monitors on machines.

Goal setting

Set goals, strive to achieve and keep pushing the boundaries.


We have a range of products available at our reception, items can be viewed online.

Review us

We love to hear what you think, Google  and Facebook reviews always help new people looking for their gym.

The Lingo

Now CrossFit lingo is something that takes time to embed in your brain, nevertheless here are some words you may see and what they mean:

BOX = Crossfit Gym

WOD = Workout of the day

AMRAP = As many rnds & reps as possible 

EMOM = Every minute on the minute.

RX = Performing all movements using the prescribed weight & reps

TABATA = work rest method of training 

20secs on / 10 secs off

8 rounds

CHIPPER = A wod that consists of 4 or more movements that you “chip” away in order to finish

METCON = Metabolic Conditioning 

BENCHMARK = Usually a wod with a girl name that you can measure your fitness journey around. Some of these wods you never want to call your children. 

HERO WOD = A wod named after a law enforcer, military or fire-fighter that has died in the line of duty known to be soul crushing.

DU = a form of skipping, the rope passes under your feet twice while your in the air. (When you’re learning how to do them you will wear many a rope scar and it stings)

HSPU = Handstand push-up 

RM = Repetition Maximum 

GHD = Not your hair straightener but a Glute hamstring developer also known to make you bend over like a pocket knife if you’re not conditioned to big amounts of sit-ups on them.

PR/PB = Personal record/personal best.

KB = Kettlebell

MU = muscle up for some athletes the pinnacle of their Crossfit experience. 

ABMAT = A foam wedge that is placed behind your back while performing sit-ups.

T2B = Toes to bar 

RR = Ring rows.